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If you get overwhelmed with the technical analysis and selecting the trades that would bring profits for you or may be you just can't devote enough time for forex trading the Trade Investment Service is for you only. Just choose the Trade Investment by checking their past performance. And they would manage your funds. Allocate the funds and enjoy the ride.

Fund management
Fund management

How does fund allocation work?

It’s very simple you deposit the funds to your wallet. Now you can allocate as much amount you want to the fund manager of your choice. As soon as you deposit the funds to your managed account, 80% of your funds are allocated to fund manager for trading and all the profits and costs are calculated on that amount only. You can withdraw the profits anytime you want with a standard deduction of 25% as fund manager fee.

20% of your fund is deducted as Fund Management Charges but don’t worry, you get trading bonus in your Self Trading Account which you can use for trading. You can withdraw the profits made with this fund anytime you want. Entire profits are yours to enjoy!